Created by Lane Cove Council, this database connects shoppers with businesses to encourage a ‘shop local’ ethos. Lane Cove businesses can list for free, helping to create a searchable snapshot of

the services they have on offer. The Lane Cove community has a strong history of shopping locally and we hope to foster that loyalty.


1. Are you a Lane Cove business? Add your listing.


It is completely free for you to add your Lane Cove business
so that locals can find you. Please include a photo of your menu/services, contact
details and information on what you’re offering. You can add multiple category types so in addition to your products, make sure you also select if you are offering Home Delivery/Local Pickup/Online shopping.

The listing process takes about two minutes and will result in a login that can allow you to go back and edit your listing at any time. This allows your details to be up to date and relevant (unlike scrolling through old social media posts). Once you’ve entered your details we’ll review your listing
and get it up on the website asap – we want as many businesses as possible on board!

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