The Crazy Bag Lady

Reusable, lightweight, strong and gorgeous looking bags!

We are a small fully family run business and our bags are handmade with love in India by skilled workers who lose their jobs when big garment factories get automated. Every bag is hand cut, hand sewn and hand assembled and for every bag you buy a family overseas eats better, sleeps better, and thanks you for your care.

Our bags are all reusable, tough, lightweight, foldable and washable and are a perfect alternative to nasty single-use plastic. Most of our bags are made from stock-lot fabric and last pieces on the bale from other jobs… this prevents fabric from being burnt, dumped or disposed of and so prevents a huge amount of waste.

We have grocery bags, produce bags, totes, cloth bags, wine and lunch bags and small travel goods too. There’s something for everyone!

Shop Online : We also offer a pick-up option for Lane Cove locals.

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